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Full video is in development


In the meantime, view some short video clips from some of the dancers from around the world

The Idea

The idea is to connect people from different countries by the soul of dancing, with the meaning of my current work in progress,  STATE.  We are living an international new experience and  I want to connect all the people involved from different parts of the world, with this project. Teaching a combination of my work in progress a fragile geography: STATE. Later each artist involved will record themselves performing in their own space/

Once I have all the material I will make an edition which will allow audience to see how connected to the world we are right now and how we can dance internationally despite the circumstances.


ABOUT my work in progress:

I started to develop this new section of my project A Fragile Geography, last year during my residency at CND (Compañia Nacional de Danza, Madrid,Spain) and The Work Room (Glasgow, UK) and future support from Citymoves (Aberdeen, UK) and Dance Base (Edinburgh, UK).  I had the pleasure to be researching material at the studio with the amazing dancers and artist Laura García Aguilera and Maria Palliani.

a fragile geography:STATE  synopsis: 

In a State controlled by power, money and fear, citizens believe they enjoy a freedom that they do not really possess. The way they move, cry, smile and wait does not belong to them anymore. Emotion does not exist, there is no place for it. Two people perform their show, twice a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. Their movements are robotic, mechanical, there is nothing they can control because they control nothing: they have become automatons. The only thing that seems to be able to release them are the memories in which human emotion seems to be discovered through the traditional dance of previous generations that have already left.


if you are interested to be part of this international project please email me