O̶u̶t̶ O̶f̶ S̶p̶a̶c̶e̶

Premiere  11th December at Attakkalari, centre for movements Art, Bangalore, India


Out Of Space


It is a piece that explores the idea of a fictional story of the first generation of humans growing on planet Mars.  The only nature on the planet is artificial - an ecosystem that has been created by man that tries to recreate the similar conditions of planet earth.  People’s lives are rules-based and every hour of every day is structured around giving back to society. 


The work will explore what it is like for these young people - the curiosity to know and feel connected with a natural world which they have never experienced yet still feel very attached to it.  How will young people react when their only purpose and mission is to contribute without any opportunity for individualism.  Will they still seek to rebel and break the rules, if the only life they know is one of acceptance and conformity? 


This is a project I first started to develop with students at the Dance Arts Faculty (DAF) during two weeks as a guest choreographer in Rome in June 2021. 

On Tour

-10th December 2021,at Attakkalari, Bangalore, India

-28/29/30 of July 2021 at Teatro Vascello in Rome, Italy