Every Monday to Friday live streaming: 12pm London, 12pm Lisbon, 13pm Barcelona time, 19pm Singapore, 19pm Hong Kong, 21pm Melbourne, 7am Toronto, 16:30pm Bangalore. Once classes are finish the will be upload to this page for the next 24h, so you can do it anytime!


Classes are donation based.  Donate what you can, but only if you can. (Suggested donation per class is 5£) 

 You can donate by visiting Support My Work.

LIVE&DANce!!! Daily stream classes from my home to your home via my website. 

The classes are an opportunity for everyone from different countries to dance together - old, young, dancers and non-dancers - and to move, stay healthy, motivated and energized. Monday to Friday at 12pm London time/ 13hrs Central Europe. Let's Dance all together!!

As most of us are now in lockdown and restricted to our homes, its important to find new ways to stay healthy - physically and mentally.

Joining these classes will help you establish a routine and bring structure to your day, regardless of how uncertain the outside world may be right now. It will improve or maintaining your core strength so you can come out of this experience fighting and in the best shape possible. You can also connect and support others in our local community and connect with new people with shared interests. Let's be social!!

And finally, it will allow participation in something, enjoy the arts and do something positive just for you. Have a look into my dance career here

Come and dance!!!!

Classes are based and influenced on: 

Monday Contemporary Limón

Tuesday Contemporary  Limón

Wednesday Contemporary  Limón

Thursday Improvisation and floor work/release 

Friday Choreographic workshop 

Since this is an international project, please let us know where are you from or from where are you watching the classes (country or city)and give a review and stars!!!