In collaboration and support of Skånes Dansteater, Indra Dance Company, Zamdart Dance Company and Bebeto Cidra Cia. The original meaning of border is a barrier that is presented in front of us and represents the frontal part of an opposing territory. The border is a social transit between two cultures. Restricted to the political sphere, this term refers to a region or strip, while the term limit is linked to an imaginary conception. Time: 60min aprox

Direction & choreography: Bebeto Cidra

Creation & interpretation: Daniel Navarro Lorenzo, Anna Borràs and Elisabeth Duran Canal

Lighting: Sergi Nicolau

Costums: Sarah Riera

Creation of the project, Production, distribution and idea: Elisabeth Duran Canal

Video: Xevi Vila

Graphic design: Daniel Navarro Lorenzo

Photography: Sergi López

Co-production: Indra Dance Company, Cia de dansa Bebeto Cidra & Skånes Dansteater

Special thanks: Santi Calvó Verdaguer, Ajuntament de Castelldefels, Escola municipal de dansa de Castelldefels and Teatre Plaza.